Sunday, 15 July 2012

Before the first dress, a Kwik Sew top...

So I've decided this weekend to start a Kwik Sew top(pattern 3381) before my skirt. I'm doing it on some cheap fabric first to make sure the darts around my chest area are ok before I do it on the nice quality wine coloured satin I bought.

I'm realising how great the high table is at my sewing class after laying out the fabric on my rug & then repeatedly pinning the fabric to my rug as well as the pattern pieces.... oops! Plus it's just more awkward physically to do, so next plan is to clear my desk next time & pull it out to the middle of the room/look on freecycle for a folding table...

As you know I've only done a skirt before so attempting sleeves should be interesting... 6Music on the radio is keeping me sane as I pin & cut a bit more before I head out for a nice Sunday lunch with some friends down from London - Happy Sunday :)

- Aymi Derham

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